2024 Game on Cancer


The Development Office 2024

Welcome to The Development Office’s team! 
We are excited to embark on our 2024 fundraising for Game On Cancer, supporting local cancer patients and addressing the many challenges they face. Cancer knows no boundaries; it impacts the lives of friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, and communities across the world. Your generous contributions will directly benefit local cancer patients' by providing necessary support such as treatments, transportation to appointments, housing, and more. We invite you to join us as we raise critical funds through fun, engaging events as well as through personal asks.
Ready to get involved? 
Every donation, regardless of the size, makes a meaningful impact for local cancer patients. Click “Donate Now” to join our team and help us reach our goal! Donating is easy, secure, and quick. Thank you so much for supporting our team, in turn supporting those in need.
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Game On Cancer makes a difference every day for patients and families in our community — and now, so will you! We’re so glad you’re getting in the game. Register and start earning prizes today!

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