Care Chronicles Symptom Management Workbook



The Care Chronicles Symptom Management Workbook was created with love in the spirit of hope, strength and wellness for patients and caregivers living this journey of a pancreatic cancer diagnosis. The goal in designing this workbook was to motivate and empower individuals throughout treatment to improve the quality of their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

Health professionals often recommend that patients keep a diary or journal at home detailing symptoms and side effects they experience throughout treatment. Our Workbook includes the vital components for managing care at home and beyond the doors of your oncologists/surgeons office.Each book provides a thorough health profile, calendar, medication logs (and dry erase pen), daily worksheets for symptom management, side effects, an address book, scan results section and more.

Our Workbook, unique to others, is a compact, well organized, user-friendly learning tool that allows you to communicate with your medical health team more openly from cycle to cycle or appointment to appointment. Patients and caregivers no longer have to shuffle from their homes to appointments with cluttered stacks of notes and frantically scribble down appointment notes. The creation of this Workbook was designed to help maneuver through the “new-normal” and to manage the disease rather than allowing the disease to manage you.

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