13th Annual Tour de Pier is Sunday, May 18, 2025

How it works

How to sign up for Tour de Pier.

The Tour de Pier includes five 50 minute sessions beginning at 8:30am.

How it Works 1.png

You can ride solo for all five sessions, or be a team captain and recruit up to four teammates to register and ride with you.


One bike is $750 for all five sessions.

Whether you’re a solo rider or a team, the fundraising minimum for each bike is $750. Of course, we’d love you to raise even more money since Tour de Pier benefits some outstanding charities.


You can ride solo.

Register and reserve your bike for $50 initial fee. Then raise at least $700 from friends and family before the event.

You can ride as a team.

Reserve your bike with a $50 registration fee. Then get up to four teammates to sign up on your team and register for $50 each. Each team member raises an additional $100 or more to meet the $750 fundraising minimum.

Your team can join a bike family.

A bike family is made up of two or more bikes that are guaranteed to be placed together.