Q&A - Yes, You Can Run a Marathon!
General Questions

What is the Hirshberg Training Team?

The Hirshberg Training Team is the walk/run training team for the Hirshberg Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research. The primary purpose of the training program is to raise funds for pancreatic cancer research and assist our participants in achieving their training and fundraising goals. Our mission is to provide a safe, enjoyable and rewarding experience for all our participants, most of whom have never run a marathon before!

What event will the Hirshberg Training Team participate in next?

The Hirshberg Foundation is an Official Charity for the LA Marathon, and will participate in the Los Angeles Marathon on Sunday, March 16, 2025. The Los Angeles Marathon's point-to-point course starts at Dodger Stadium and finishes on the Avenue of the Stars in Century City, CA and highlights iconic sites across greater Los Angeles.

Running 26.2 miles is a commitment of both your time and energy, and it is something to be celebrated and shared with others. Participants choose to be a part of our team because they are motivated to raise funds and awareness for pancreatic cancer in conjunction with their goal of running a marathon.

Benefits include:

  • Group training to help you achieve your race goals
  • Training and fundraising support, including newsletters with important race updates and training tips
  • Our amazing Purple People Party cheer station will inspire you along the course
  • Exclusive Hirshberg Training Team racing shirt
  • Personal fundraising webpage
  • The opportunity to dedicate your efforts in honor of or in memory of someone affected by pancreatic cancer. We provide purple running bibs to wear on your back in support of them
  • Pre-Race Meet & Greet and Post-Race Celebration Dinner

The two events are not affiliated. The LACC is fully produced by the Hirshberg Foundation, and directly benefits our Foundation. The Los Angeles Marathon is produced by an entirely separate organization that has chosen the Hirshberg Foundation as an Official Non-Profit Partner. The Hirshberg Foundation does not receive any proceeds from the Los Angeles Marathon. To learn more about the Los Angeles Marathon, visit www.LAMarathon.com.

Fundraising Questions

The fundraising commitment is $1000. The registration fee DOES NOT count towards the fundraising minimum. Participants are asked to raise the minimum fundraising amount ($1000) by March 10, 2025 and meet the fundraising timeline due dates.

  • $100 Commitment Fee is due upon signing up to participate on our team. Registration fee needs to be paid before your training begins.
  • January 10, 2025 - $500 needs to be raised in order for us to process your Los Angeles Marathon Race Registration.
  • March 10, 2025 - $1000. All fundraising minimums should be met at this time.

Fundraising is actually a lot easier than you might think. You'll find that when you share your commitment and dedication to supporting people with cancer with your friends and colleagues, you'll be pleased by the generosity of others. Veteran Hirshberg Training Team members have been surprised at how easy it is to raise money for a cause that touches so many people. Many past team members have raised much more than the minimum goal by doing nothing more than sending a letter or email to their family and friends! A complete fundraising packet, including a personal fundraising web page and letter writing campaign materials, are provided upon registration to help you meet this goal. Our experienced fundraising staff will also be available to help you with fundraising suggestions and support.

In the history of our program, that has never happened. We have excellent fundraising tools to assist you. However, because we incur costs to our program and need to insure that we are raising money for our cause, we do ask that you commit to raising the minimum. If the race date approaches and your goal is not met, we ask that you provide payment for the remaining amount you have committed to. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to speak with Martin Fung at (310) 473-5121. We are flexible and willing to work with everyone.

We understand that there are unforeseen circumstances that may prevent you from continuing with the program including scheduling conflicts, business or family emergencies. If any of these situations arise prior to our "recommitment deadline" then you will only be responsible for half of the fundraising minimum. If you leave the program after our "recommitment deadline" you will be responsible for the full fundraising minimum to cover our costs including your race entry and training. Upon leaving the program, if you have not yet reached the required fundraising your credit card will be processed for the remaining balance.

You will need to register yourself with our program and pay the $100 registration fee. We cover the cost of $189 to register you for the Los Angeles Marathon. Additionally, if you do not meet the $1000 fundraising commitment, you are responsible for the difference. You may also need to purchase some training items including running/walking apparel, athletic shoes, water bottle, etc.

Yes, of course. Many of our team members are making this commitment to honor a loved one. Pay tribute by sharing their story on your fundraising page and include a photo. Wear a tribute bib on race day with your loved one's name. Others are fulfilling a personal goal of completing a marathon and want to make that goal more meaningful by raising awareness.

Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match any charitable contributions made by their employees. Some will even provide a monetary grant for volunteer hours. Use our Matching Gift tool to see if you company will match. Be sure to tell your donors to check as well. Your fundraising can go twice as far with matching gifts!

We have an app for that! Use our Good Move app to track your miles while on your weekly training runs or individual workouts. Good Move links to existing fitness trackers or the tracking on your phone and with every activity you’ll be able to easily share your fundraising link with your community. Join your training team members on the leaderboard, be eligible for great swag, and help make an impact in our community.

Yes! You can make a donation through your Donor-Advised Funds (DAF) as a tax-efficient way to manage charitable donations and make a difference for those impacted by pancreatic cancer. Learn more about DAF gifts and how to start the process.

Training Questions

The best part of joining any training team is that you don't have to train alone. The Hirshberg Training Team provides you with the option of training with Coach Robert Mills of Club 26.2! We have worked with Robert since the inception of our program and every participant we have had has completed his or her race. In addition to weekly individual running/walking schedules, the training includes organized group long run/walks held each Saturday morning at Burton Chace Park in Marina Del Rey at 8 a.m. The program also includes informational presentations focusing on topics such as injury prevention, nutrition, selecting the best running shoes, and a pre-marathon preparation review. Robert also makes himself available to answer questions and sends team members a weekly newsletter. A complete training packet is provided upon registration. With the help of our experienced coach and the support and camaraderie of your team members, you can achieve your marathon goal!

Robert Mills is the founder of Club 26.2, a comprehensive run/walk long distance training program that is designed for all levels of experience from novice walker to the seasoned runner. Robert has more than 55 marathons under his belt along with numerous half marathons, 10K's and 5K's. He has coached more than 3,000 runners/walkers with over 99% crossing the finish line. Over 80% of these participants were first time marathoners/half marathoners. Because each team member is different, he will work with each individual to design a personalized training program for both runners and walkers. The training program is designed to meet the needs of the rookie runner or walker, the average runner or competitive walker and the competitive runner or veteran marathoner.

Our 24-week training program begins on Saturday, October 5, 2024 at Burton Chace Park in Marina Del Rey. If the training program has already started and you still want to join, it's not too late. Depending upon how much you currently run or walk, you can join our team, as we are further along in the training schedule.

We train with Club 26.2 on Saturday mornings at 8 a.m. at Burton Chase Park. The park is located at 13560 Mindanao Way, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292. Phone: (310) 305-9596. This training is included in your fundraising commitment.

Making a commitment to the training is critical to enjoying a successful race, but it all depends upon your current fitness level. It is recommended that marathoners walk or run three days per week, with relatively low mileage mid-week (3 to 6 miles) and longer mileage with Club 26.2 training program on the weekends. Alternate exercise, such as pilates, yoga or strength training is also encouraged during the program.

Not a problem! Our coach offers virtual training as well. If you are training out of town, we encourage you to join a walking or running club in your area or find a group to run with. We have a day-by-day training scheduled on our website for you to follow. Every member will receive coaching and all of the materials by email. Furthermore, Robert is available via email and phone whenever you need him. So, if you can't train with us, you can still join the team. Simply fit these workouts in at a location and time that is best for you.

No, the program is for first timers as well as experienced runners who want to train to set a personal best record. Our training coach will work with you to design a program to meet your specific goals.

With the right attitude, commitment and a solid training program, anyone can complete a full marathon. If you are already able to run or walk 20 minutes at a time, you are at a great place to start a marathon-training program. With Club 26.2 training program, you will be able to complete your race.

Yes! The LA Marathon has a Charity Half Marathon that is ONLY available through Official Non-Profit Partners of the Los Angeles Marathon. This exclusive half marathon starts at the official Marathon Start Line at Dodger Stadium and runs just over 13.1 miles to finish at the Marathon’s Finish Line on Avenue of the Stars. Participants receive the same support, participant shirt and goodie bag as full marathoners!

Our coach can train non-runners to walk, walk/run or run/walk the full marathon. Run/walking is actually easier than walking or running the entire distance. By alternating walking with a little bit of running, you can reduce the chance of overusing and injuring muscles and get to the finish line faster. Robert will work with you to create the best training program for your specific goal. And, as with any physical exercise program, we suggest you consult with your physician prior to the training if you are not in good physical shape or have not been participating in a fitness regimen.

If you are no longer able to participate in the program due to injury, please let us know immediately. If you leave the program due to injury and prior to our "recommitment deadline" then you will only be responsible for half of the fundraising minimum. If you leave the program after our "recommitment deadline" you will be responsible for the full fundraising minimum to cover our costs including your race entry and training. Upon leaving the program, if you have not yet reached the required fundraising your credit card will be processed for the remaining balance.

You are still welcome to join our team and help raise funds and awareness for pancreatic cancer. You still need to register with us and raise the minimum fundraising level. However, we will not reimburse, pay for or reduce your fundraising goal for outside training program fees.

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Registration Questions

There is a $100 registration fee. Please note that your registration fee DOES NOT count towards your fundraising goal and is non-refundable. Upon receipt of your registration packet and fee, you will receive a complete fundraising packet and detailed information about the training program.

Not a problem! You still need to register for our Training Team and let us know you already registered for the LA Marathon. Your fundraising goal will be reduced by $100.00 less a Handling Fee of $10.00. Contact Martin Fung - Martin@pancreatic.org to get your LA Marathon registration transferred to a Non-Profit Runner with the Hirshberg Training Team.

Unfortunately, if you need to drop out, we are unable to provide a refund for registration and/or donations. You may not give or sell your race number to another individual and we cannot transfer funds to another event.

For more information about Hirshberg Training Team, please call us at 310-473-5121 or email Martin Fung at Martin@pancreatic.org.