Your Participant Center

Kick off your fundraising by logging in to your Participant Center and take advantage of its many great features. It's easy to use with lots of great tools to help you fundraise. The Tour de Pier helps provide patients and families with vital cancer resources while driving research towards a cure. We are stronger when we work together to make a difference for all those facing cancer.

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Access to your participant center

Click on Log In in the top right corner. Enter your username and password and click log in. From there choose the Tour de Pier 2023 to access this year’s participant center.

Fundraising with your participant center

Here are a few ways that you can utilize your Participant Center to raise more:

  • Set Up Your Personal and Team Page. Click on the “Me” tab to edit your page and the “My Team” to edit you team page. We recommend that you write your story and save it outside of your page so that you always have a copy. You can upload one photo or insert the link to one YouTube video that will be displayed on your page.
  • Fundraise with Facebook. After you’ve personalized your page, connect your page to Facebook. The money you raise on Facebook counts towards your bike’s fundraising goal and all donations will automatically be included on your page.
  • Design a custom team shirt. We’ve partnered to Bonfire to bring super soft, custom designed shirts to all! Create a shirt and proceeds from every shirt sold go towards your fundraising. Plus, it’s an awesome keepsake from the event.
  • Create a custom Personal Page URL. In the Personal Page section you’ll see your URL. Click on "URL Settings" you will be able to create a friendly URL.
  • Upload contacts and send e-mails. Click on the email tab. Here you are able to select an e-mail template, personalize it with your story, add your contacts and send away!
  • View your activity. See who has joined your team and what donations are coming in. You can easily send thank you messages to your donors and email your team.