In honour of the Late Dr. Goran Popović, we are raising money for Sleep-Eez Reclining Chairs for the C3 Inpatient Unit at Juravinski Cancer Centre. Goran spent the tail end of his battle with pancreatic cancer on this unit and we are beyond thankful for the high standard of care and compassion he received. As a family, we would like to give back to the unit and offer what support we can to those currently fighting tough battles.

Through this initiative, we’re hoping to give current patients a small amount of comfort during their hardest days. For Goran, having a comfortable place to sit, read or visit with family was a welcome alternative to lying in bed. The chair gave him a little sense of normalcy and allowed him to not just feel like a patient. Having access to a recliner offered us the opportunity to spend long days and nights together – right until the end. Currently, the 51-bed unit has 9 chairs available and the chairs are frequently rotated throughout patient rooms. We were always grateful on the days we had one. Through this initiative, we’re hoping to give more patients (and in a post-COVID world, their families) a small piece of comfort during these tough times.

We know there is a lot going on in the world these days, so now more than ever we thank you for your generous donation to this cause.

Dr. Goran Popović was selfless man with a big heart. A man of service - to god, to his family and his community. He was always there to offer help, not only to those closest to him but anyone he came across, and so even in his death we hope to keep his caring, giving nature alive.

Dr. Goran Popović dedicated much of his life to the Hamilton health care community. He worked as a nurse in the Henderson Hospital and Hamilton General Hospital ERs, and at McMaster Children’s Hospital. He spent the latter half of his career sharing his passion for medicine through the education and training of future nurses and medical professionals as a program creator and manager, professor and educator for the Mohawk-McMaster Institute for Applied Health Science Continuing Education and Graduate Perioperative and Perianesthesia Programs, and as a Perioperative Educator at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton. Many of the staff at Juravinski Hospital and other Hamilton Health Sciences hospitals were trained by Goran and remember his wonderful, kind demeanor and passion for medicine.

Our goal is to raise enough money to purchase five Sleep-Eez Reclining Chairs!

Progress: 100%
Progress: 100%
Raised: $ 13060     Goal: $ 13000

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