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Progress: 21%
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Juravinski’s Stem Cell Transplant Program

Thank you for taking the time to join Coldwell Banker Community Professionals Brokerage in support of Juravinski Hospital’s Stem Cell Transplant Program this holiday season. 

This year our team at Coldwell Banker have been reminded through our relationships with family and friends, just how fortunate we are to have Juravinski Hospital close by.  Juravinski and its team of hematologists and specialists in blood cancer and stem cell transplant expertise are Canadian leaders in their field.  

This year we wish to lend our support to an expansion underway at Juravinski to increase the number of stem cell transplant beds crucially needed to support a growing need in Southern Ontario.  We are asking you to please pledge your support for Juravinski Hospital’s stem cell transplant program and initiatives.

Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre is the only hospital treating ALL Cancers Across the Region.

Hamilton is home to the region’s leading cancer centre.

  • One of three hospitals in Ontario that providing all forms of adult stem cell transplants
  • Serves more than 2.3 million people in south central Ontario
  • Offers the one of the largest cancer treatment services in the province
  • Oversees the largest combined volume of chemotherapy visits in Ontario as home to the Regional Cancer Program

Let’s help in whatever way we can to help those who have been touched by the need for a stem cell transplant.

You are also welcome to make your gift using our offline pledge form

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