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Chantel’s Story

In 2016, when Chantel was 34 weeks pregnant, routine blood work lead to a diagnosis of acute lymphoblastic leukemia.  Without immediate treatment, her prognosis was poor.  She needed a stem cell transplant, but the Cancer Centre closest to home was unable to accept new patients.

Stem cell transplant is a complex and evolving area of clinical care that is resource intensive, requires an extended inpatient stay and requires very specialized facilities.  The clinical teams are highly trained to manage the transplant process and to provide both pre and post-transplant care.

While out of country treatment was an option, Chantel did not want to leave her newborn son.  Chantel was lucky, while she was waiting to figure out about her options, the team at Hamilton Health Sciences Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre reached out to let Chantel know they had a room for her and could provide this potentially life-saving treatment.

Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre is one of just three hospitals in Ontario that can provide all forms of stem cell transplants for patients suffering from blood cancers. 

In 2016, recognizing the life-threatening nature of the increasing wait lists for stem cell transplants; the Ontario Government announced that they will invest to expand the capacity for stem cell transplants.

At Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre, this expansion involves a dedicated clinical area to house a combination of 15 individually-equipped private inpatient rooms, 5 individually-equipped outpatient bays and a dedicated sterile compounding area for chemotherapy preparation. Two new examination rooms and an expanded work area at Juravinski Cancer Centre will also be integrated into this project.

While the government funds the operating expenses associated with the unit and is anticipated to contribute approximately $18-million towards the construction of this expansion. In Ontario, equipment is not funded by the government, and health care investments require the community to contribute a percentage of the development costs. In this case, Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre Foundation’s $5-million Tomorrow Stems From You™ campaign will support some of the capital development costs and the purchase of critical equipment and patient amenities for this expanded and dedicated clinical area for stem cell transplants.

Thanks to the treatment Chantel received, she is now home with her husband and young son. Inspired by her experience, she asks you to support Tomorrow Stems From You™

Please join her on June 6th, 2019 and make a donation towards this new unit.  Help patients who need this care to help save their lives.

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