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Fillions Footsteps - CN Tower

Fillion’s Footsteps for Palliative Care

Hi there! My name is Luke Fillion. On Friday, May 8, 2020, I will walk to Toronto for a very important cause ... the Palliative Care Program at St. Peter's Hospital in Hamilton, Ontario. This annual walk aims to raise funds to help those in Palliative Care and their loved ones. In 2013, my mother Janis was in palliative care at St. Peter's, surrounded by a community of warm, loving medical professionals and caring volunteers. Thanks to these wonderful people, I was finally able to have quality time with my mother which I had been robbed of in the past, due to her failing health. With your help, I'd like to ensure that the hospital can purchase important equipment so that those in need and their loved ones continue to receive this exceptional care. Hospital equipment is not funded by the government and can only be made available by community donations. I hope you will help me with this important cause. Every donation of any amount will make a difference in Hamilton Health Science Foundation’s mission of Healthcare, Transformed.  



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