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Progress: 44%
Progress: 44%
Raised: $ 4400     Goal: $ 10000

October 2019 was an incredibly scary and eye opening month for my family and I. October 31st was the day my family came far too close to losing my sibling and my best friend. While it is a time of her life that she is not ready to openly talk about, and I am going to respect that by not doing so, it was a very real time for my family. Every day, I think about the multiple nurses and doctors that came to her rescue during the few minutes we didn't know what was going to happen.

Alongside the staff, there was one other thing that was vital in keeping her alive - and that was a heated blanket. The blanket kept her from going into hypothermia during a time when she wouldn't have been able to fight back. My goal is to raise funds for this program, including raising enough for a warm blanket heater, and I ask for your help to reach our goal of $10,000. This will directly benefit the unit that made it possible for my sibling and best friend to be here today.

I have witnessed first-hand how heated blankets serve a critical purpose for the care of each patient battling this particular disease. It is my dream to purchase a blanket warmer directly for this unit, as they currently share with another ward.

I know there are a lot of sad, heartbreaking and troubling things going on in the world right now but I would be grateful for your consideration of support. Every donation, of any amount, makes a huge difference. I hope that we together can potentially help save another life.

100% of the donations will be going directly to the McMaster Children's Hospital, for this cause that is close to my heart.

Thank you sincerely - every donation is valued and appreciated!


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