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BrainStorm 2019 - Max's Story

BrainStorm 2019 - MaxOn November 16, 2018, our son Max suffered a brain hemorrhage, caused by an arteriovenous malformation. Up until that night, Max had been a healthy 18-year old, recently graduated from high school and taking a gap year before making the plunge into post-secondary education.

That Friday night, Max had been performing onstage with Hamilton Theatre Inc. in their production of 9 to 5, The Musical. He complained briefly of a headache as we were leaving the theatre, and on our way to the car, he collapsed, unconscious.

He was rushed by ambulance to St. Joseph’s Hospital where a CT scan revealed the problem, and shortly after that he was transferred to the Hamilton General Hospital for surgery. We were met there by members of the surgical team who explained the issue and several hours later the team came to the waiting room to tell us the surgery had been successful and that we could visit Max in the ICU.

Dr. Wang explained that while the surgery took care of the issue of the AVM, it would be sometime before they would be able to determine the extent of the damage to his brain. Max remained in ICU for a few days, and eventually he was transferred to Clinical Neurosciences, 7West, where he remained for over a month receiving the best care possible.

Slowly but surely Max, as we knew him, returned to us, and we cannot express how relieved and grateful we were. It was a slow process with baby steps forward and some giant steps back, but through it all we not only had Max’s own determination to get better but we also had the support of an incredible team of people helping to make sure he was successful in this goal.

From the surgical team to the nursing team to the dietitians, OT and PT, PSWs and EAs, ourfamily was blown away by not just the care Max received, but the caring everyone showed daily. 7W is truly a special place.

Every day we watched staff go above and beyond for patients and family members, and we began to feel very much a part of the 7W family. This is by design. We watched staff celebrate patient milestones and we watched them grieve losses, all while remaining professional, efficient, and thorough.

And, one day just before Christmas 2018, it was our turn to celebrate with the staff when we were able to bring Max home, thanks to the dedication of everyone involved.

Our goal with this fundraiser is to raise money to be used for Clinical Neurosciences 7 West to enhance their already exemplary care. We are truly, truly grateful to the people that saved Max’s life and got him on the road to recovery.

Today Max is back to his pre-injury self; working part-time, auditioning for and performing in community theatre productions, spending time with friends and family, and preparing to apply to colleges for September 2020.

Please join us in thanking 7W for the amazing work they do for patients like Max and others who need them. We are extremely fortunate to have such an incredible program like the Clinical Neurosciences program in our city.

Date and Location:
November 16, 2019, 7:00 p.m.
Hamilton Theatre Inc.
140 MacNab Street
Hamilton, ON  L8R 2M3

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