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All we can ask at hjc is that for those of you who haven’t downloaded the 2020 Digital Outlook Report is ‘why the heck not?!’.

To help persuade you, we’d love to share with you a summary of the key learnings from this year’s report below!

Similar to the last five years of reports, the findings of this 2020 report are the result of a survey sent out on behalf of the three survey-partner organizations – hjc, Care2 and NTEN.

We’re always pleased to see a diverse audience of respondents – and this was no different with respondents from X number of countries. It allows for an unbiased, truly global, and fulsome depiction of where the world of digital stands within the nonprofit sector, and even better, where it’s headed! 

This year focuses on three topics – people & strategy, new & old tactics, and targeting & organizing – so let’s look at the key takeaways while winding down the yellow brick road (obvious hint: we’re going with a Wizard of Oz theme this year)

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Key Takeaways

People & Strategy:

We’ve captured the fact that there’s been a steady growth in staff dedicated solely to online/digital strategy. To maximize staffing growth, our report provides some tips on getting a full-time employee on board.

Further on, we highlight the importance of a written digital strategy as a significant number of nonprofits still need support.

Along the way, we offer quick ways to use your rationed resources on technology improvements for digital excellence.


New & Old Tactics: 

As we all know, digital never stands still. Our latest report shows that some of the traditional digital approaches are giving way to new digital tactics. And some charitable organizations are ready to embrace something unique.

Exploring the old tactics, we learned that Google Ad Grant is still not effectively deployed by many nonprofit organizations. When it comes to lead generation strategies, they are in a stable decline.

If you want to stay on track, our report might be handy with the tips on how to reanimate old tactics that can benefit your nonprofit and ease your way to digital success.


Targeting & Organizing: 

In this section, our report shows the positive changes that have penetrated the nonprofit sector. We witness the spike in social media communication, a healthy increase in persona development and a positive trend in integrated calendar adoption.

We learned that almost half of the organizations have Fundraising and Marketing departments working together. You’ve given preference in deploying strategies for email and Facebook. And have a bunch of the marketing tactics you are going to focus on.

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We hope this most historical version of the Digital Outlook Report can act as a guidepost along the way in your digital journey. Look at the patterns and trends you see in this document and then head back to the five other reports 2019 Digital Outlook Report and the 2015 - 2018 Digital Outlook Reports to explore those findings that jump out at you.

Overall, we always love writing this report – and we hope that you enjoy reading it!

Download the report, browse it and begin to use the tips that we provide – and then find your own.

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P.S We're just too excited, so we'd like to share our new innovative services - check them out - you won't be disappointed.

And until next year, be careful out there as you wind your way on the yellow brick road to digital success.