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Year End

Here at hjc, we can’t think of a year that’s been more important for end of year fundraising than 2020.

The economic, social, and structural impact of COVID-19 on charities is unprecedented. It's created incredible strains, but it's also created incredible opportunities. For many innovative and focused organizations, they've pivoted to digital and been successful in finding planned gifts and major gifts over the last half year - and well before that.

Are you ready to do the same?

With that pandemic-inspired urgency and need in mind, we're proud to present. We've taken a combined 80+ years of EOY fundraising experience and put it in three simple phases:

  1. Create the strategic and tactical pilot for We've spent over 20 years looking at an organization's supporter file (and email file) building a pilot that includes ALL channels into one plan. Ask us to do a quick discovery and build you a turbo charged big gift plan.

  2. Create the surveys. We've got some of the most senior big gift copywriters, designs, and fundraising campaign specialists in the world on staff. Let them tell your big gift stories in a way that will turbo-charge your big gift fundraising. After 20+ years of testing, we know the questions to ask that uncover those!

  3. Get your marketing journeys ready. We’ve been innovating big gift fundraising for decades. Let us find the new and innovation elements in your platform that will turbo-charge your fundraising.

And it doesn't matter what kind of social impact organization you are: from a food bank, to a hospital foundation, to a humane society to social justice - big or small you've got big gift potential and digital is there to help.

One of the best ways to understand how we add rocket fuel to big gifts with digital is to download our BIG GIFT LAUNCH starter pack.

Download it now and start today!

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