President Obama: Thanks for working to extend workplace equality to millions.

Today, with the stroke of a pen the President has made a very real and immediate impact on the lives of millions of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people across the country by signing an executive order that outlaws anti-LGBT discrimination among federal contractors and federal employees. Now, the executive order is in effect.

The executive order signed by President Obama bans workplace discrimination by federal contractors which means protections for an additional 14 million Americans. The order also explicitly protects transgender federal employees from workplace discrimination. HRC called for both of these actions in our Blueprint for Positive Change when President Obama first took office.

President Obama is taking this bold step thanks to people like you pushing for what's right. The news is the culmination of six years of advocacy by the members and supporters of the Human Rights Campaign. After five million emails, principled advocacy by our allies in the civil rights community and on Capitol Hill and a mountain of compelling evidence, our efforts paid off. We won!

Take a moment now to thank President Obama for standing on the right side of history.


Thank you!

Dear President Obama, 

I'm writing to thank you wholeheartedly for signing the executive order that will outlaw anti-LGBT discrimination among federal contractors and federal employees. Your decision to extend equal workplace rights will ensure no employee of a federal contractor or the federal government joins the ranks of the unemployed just because of who they are.

Each and every American worker should be judged based on the work they do, and never because of a fundamental aspect of who they are like their sexual orientation or gender identity. The federal government and our federal contractors, just like employers across America, are best served by ensuring every qualified individual are able to serve without fear of discrimination.

As a supporter of the Human Rights Campaign, and as part of the 80% of fair-minded Americans who support LGBT workplace protections, I thank you for making this executive order a top priority. I stand with you today and will continue to work to ensure that we strengthen and expand federal workplace protections for LGBT Americans.

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