Ask Your Representative to Support the Keystone Project and Support Jobs

At a time when the unemployment numbers across the country remain dangerously high,  our elected officials should support projects and ideas that will create jobs and turn our economy back around. Currently, one such project, the TransCanada Keystone Gulf Expansion Project, otherwise known as the Keystone XL Project, is being held up in the bureaucratic process. This project, which will create thousands of good jobs and millions in revenue for state and local governments, has been waiting for a Presidential Permit since 2008.

Keystone XL involves the construction of a pipeline to transport Canadian crude oil to Texas refineries. It is projected that 20,000 high-wage manufacturing and construction jobs, including approximately 1,500 Teamster jobs, and 118,000 indirect jobs, will be created as a result. Having a steady stream of reliable energy from Canada, an ally country with a stable government and already the largest supplier of oil to the U.S., will also reduce our country’s dependence on oil from countries with unstable, anti-democratic governments, such as the Middle East, and improve national security.

In addition, in its April 2011 Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement on the project, the State Department acknowledged that the Keystone XL, when constructed, will be the safest pipeline ever built in North America.

Tomorrow, the House of Representatives will vote on H.R. 1938, the North-American Made Energy Security Act.  This legislation is a thoughtful, reasonable, and responsible proposal that would require a decision on the pending Presidential Permit application for the Keystone XL Project by November 1st and sets forth a number of important findings that confirm the importance of the Keystone XL Project to the energy security and economic growth of the United States.

Please e-mail your Representative today and ask for her or his support of the Keystone XL Project and a “YES” vote on the North-American Made Energy Security Act. It is one more step towards creating good jobs for working families and reviving the American economy.


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