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Gisele Rizzo


This year Italian Home for Children is proud to be honoring Gisele Rizzo, current Board of Directors member and volunteer, for her outstanding service to our children and families at our Annual Gala on April 29th 2017.

Gisele has been a regular volunteer in the Italian Home School since her introduction to the agency over twenty-four years ago and has served on Italian Home for Children’s Board of Directors for nearly as long.

Gisele remains a champion of Italian Home’s mission and eloquently expresses the importance of our work: “Whether teaching a cooking class or mentoring students one-on-one, I have been the recipient of touching kindness, experienced incredible joy and have been witness to significant emotional struggles. Each and every day I am reminded that I have learned more from the children about perseverance, resilience and determination than I could have ever provided to them.  The employees and children and families at Italian Home for Children come together every day and work, sometimes through very difficult circumstances, towards a brighter future.”

Please help us honor Gisele by supporting our continuing work; through your generous donations we are creating communities where all children, adults and families are embraced and empowered to reach their full potential. 


A contribution made in Honor of Gisele will help support Italian Home for Children's Music Program.  

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If you would like to attend Italian Home for Children's Annual Gala in support of Gisele Rizzo, please select here to purchase a ticket.

If you would like to attend Italian Home for Children's Annual Gala in support of Gisele Rizzo, donate here to become a Sponsor.

Donate here to support Italian Home for Children's Music Program; A program near and dear to Gisele's heart.  

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