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IHS leaders with U.S. Congressman David McKinley (R-WV), Co-Chair of the Congressional Hearing Health Caucus

IHS Advocacy Center

US: Urge your Congressperson to join the Hearing Health Caucus

The Congressional Hearing Health Caucus (CHHC) is a bipartisan no-dues caucus of members from the U.S. House and United States Senate committed to supporting the needs of people with hearing loss and other auditory disorders. Founded in 2001, CHHC works to increase public and Congressional awareness of the issues of critical importance to those with hearing loss and other hearing-health conditions through periodic events and correspondence with all Members of Congress.  The current Co-Chairman are Reps. David McKinley (R-WV) and Mike Thompson (D-CA).

Not only does IHS’ involvement with the CHHC provide us the opportunity to establish new relationships with Members of Congress who are supportive of hearing health issues, it also allows us to raise awareness of the needs of your patients – those who are deaf or have hearing loss.
Encourage your Member of Congress to join the CHHC by using the below webform.  You can customize your message or just use the sample language provided, input your contact information and press send - it's that easy!


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Dear [Decision Maker],

To join, please contact Crozer Connor (Rep. Mike Thompson) or Chris Buki (Rep. David McKinley.

I really appreciate your support,
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