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Illinois Audiology Practice Act

URGENT: The Illinois legislature is considering legislation, SB 771, that could limit the ability of hearing aid specialists to practice in the state.

SB 771 would prohibit the use of "audiology" in all advertising communications and also incorporate "cerumen removal" into the audiologist scope of practice. 

Both of these provisions would potentially interfere with the ability of hearing aid specialists to provide services within their scope of practice. "Audiology" is too broad of a term to be restricted, and could potentially interfere with the use of terms such as "audiologic equipment," "audiologic testing," and "audioprosthologist." Limited cerumen management is essential to properly evaluating hearing loss, taking an earmold impression, and properly fitting a hearing aid.

Your state elected officials need to hear from YOU to understand the unintended consequences of this legislation. The Illinois Hearing Society has proposed compromise legislation that would prohibit anyone who is not an audiologist from presenting themselves as such while also not interfering with other professions. The compromise language would also clarify that hearing aid specialists may perform cerumen management in the course of fitting and dispensing hearing aids.

You can help! Your voice matters!

Reach out to your Representative and Senator to urge them to oppose SB 771 as it's currently written by using the action alert below!


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Oppose SB 771

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing today to urge you to oppose the passage of SB 771. This legislation, focused on updating the audiology practice act, contains provisions that would interfere with the ability of other professions, namely hearing aid specialists, to provide care within their professional scope.

Simple changes to the language can accomplish the legitimate goal of updating the audiology practice act without including any provisions which restrict the ability of another profession to practice.

Please oppose SB 771 in its current form, and encourage the audiology community to engage with other stakeholders in finding compromise language.

Thank you for your consideration.

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