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Delaware: Oppose HB 171

Take Action Now to Oppose a Bill to Prohibit Hearing Aid Specialists from Engaging in Cerumen and Tinnitus Management!

The Delaware legislature is considering a bill, HB 171, that would have several negative effects for patients and providers in the state. The bill would completely bar hearing aid specialists from engaging in cerumen management and tinnitus management. The proposed legislation would also allow for the hearing aid specialists seat on the board to be filled by an audiologist, removing the profession’s voice and perspective from the board.

As you know, some degree of cerumen management is essential to properly evaluating a patient and successfully fitting hearing aids. Likewise, amplification is often an effective tool in managing tinnitus and activating the tinnitus masker integrated into many hearing aids is well within the training and scope of practice of hearing aid specialists.

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Oppose HB 171

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing to ask you to oppose HB 171. This bill would make it harder for people with hearing loss in Delaware to receive care by prohibiting hearing aid specialists from performing any degree of cerumen (ear wax) management and tinnitus management. The bill would also significantly restrict the voice of the hearing aid specialist in licensing issues.

These provisions of HB 171 are inappropriate, unnecessary, and not in the best interest of hearing aid specialists in the state. I respectfully request that you oppose HB 171.

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