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Virginia: Oppose SB 315

Oppose SB 315 -- Help Maintain the Highest Levels of Consumer Safety

The Virginia legislature is considering a bill, SB 315, that would remove the requirement that dispensing audiologists sit for and pass a licensing examination focused on hearing aid dispensing.

In the interest of ensuring the highest levels of consumer safety and protection, it is important that all professionals dispensing hearing aids, whether hearing aid specialists or audiologists, demonstrate they have the knowledge and skills to successfully and safely practice.

You can help! Your voice matters!

Reach out to your elected officials as soon as possible and ask them to reject this change and preserve the current best practices for patients.


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Oppose SB 315

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing today to ask you to oppose SB 315, "Hearing aid specialists; exemptions for the sale of hearing aids," which would weaken consumer protections in our state.

Individuals with hearing loss seeking assistance should be confident that the professional they are going to see has been fully trained and are prepared to offer safe and effective care. I ask you to make sure that is a reality by opposing SB 315.

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