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Louisiana - Oppose HB 748

Oppose HB 748 -- Help Maintain Advanced Credentialing and licensing

The Louisiana legislature is considering a bill, HB 748, that would prohibit indivudals from using certifications excpet as specifically allowed by Louisiana law. This could stop board certified hearing aid specialists, among others, from advertising their credential.

The bill would also complicate occupational licensing regulation and, ultimatley, threaten licensing altogether. 

You can help! Your voice matters!

Reach out to your elected officials as soon as possible and ask them to reject this change and preserve the current best practices for patients.


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Oppose HB 748

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing regarding House Bill 748, the Occupational Licensing Review Act. This bill would negatively impact the hearing impaired in the state by devaluing advanced credentialing and occupational licensing.

I urge you to vote "no" on HB 748. The current occupational licensing laws are working well, and there is no reason to change that now.

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