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New Jersey: Urge Governor Murphy to veto legislation that would eliminate dual-licensure for audiologists

The New Jersey Legislature passed a bill that would exempt audiologists from being licensed as a hearing aid dispenser to dispense hearing aids, thereby allowing them to bypass current consumer protections and testing requirements, yet they would retain a seat on the hearing aid dispenser licensing board.  

Consumers and providers are encouraged to customize and send the below email, which urges the Governor to veto the bill.  To do so, complete the required information below and click "Send Message."

Questions can be directed to advocacy@ihsinfo.org or 734-522-7200.  Thank you!


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Veto S. 746, which eliminates hearing healthcare patient protections

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am strongly opposed to S. 746, which would allow audiologists to fit and dispense hearing aids without obtaining a hearing aid dispenser license, and I urge you to veto this legislation. If audiologists are exempt from the licensing process, the safety and health of the state's hearing impaired may be at risk.

Thank you for considering the consumer and patient safety implications of this bill. Again, I urge you to veto S. 746, and I welcome any questions you have.

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