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Oppose the Deregulation of Hearing Aid Dealers in H.B. 1269


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Oppose the deregulation of hearing aid dealers in HB 1269

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing to urge you to oppose the deregulation of Hearing Aid Dealers, proposed in HB 1269. The deregulation of the industry will have long-lasting, negative effects on individuals with hearing loss, who will suffer harm through the loss of qualified providers, the unscrupulous activities of unregulated salespeople, and unknowingly forgo safe and effective care without the maintenance of professional and clinical standards.

Currently, to be a Hearing Aid Dealer in Indiana, a candidate must pass a comprehensive, national written examination and practical examination to show minimum competency in the field. This process weeds out unqualified and incompetent individuals, who could otherwise cause physical or financial harm to patients.

For hearing aid success, a patient must work with a trained and competent provider. Inappropriately dispensed, programmed or fitted devices can lead to missed medical pathology, infection, injury, further damage to one's hearing, or purchasing a hearing aid when it will provide no benefit to the patient.

Please reject the deregulation of hearing aid dealers, which are regulated in all 50 states and need to maintain licensure in order to participate in insurance, and deliver hearing healthcare services through state and federal healthcare programs.

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