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West Virginia: Oppose the Deregulation of Hearing Aid Dealers in H.B. 2697

Help Defeat a Bill In West VIrginia that Would Diminish Patient Safety! 

IHS is concerned about the negative impact this policy change will have on the safety and health of patients and consumers in West Virginia. 

Please complete the form below with your contact information (home address please) to send an email to your state Representative. We encourage you to customize the body of the email to provide your unique voice. Once completed, hit "Send Message."

Questions? Contact us at advocacy@ihsinfo.org or 734-522-7200.


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Oppose the deregulation of hearing aid dealers in HB 2697

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing to urge you to oppose the deregulation of Hearing Aid Dealers, proposed in HB 2697. The deregulation of the industry will have long-lasting, negative effects on individuals with hearing loss, who will suffer harm through the loss of qualified providers, the unscrupulous activities of unregulated salespeople, and unknowingly forgo safe and effective care without the maintenance of professional and clinical standards.

Please reject the deregulation of hearing aid dealers, which are regulated in all 50 states and need to maintain licensure in order to participate in insurance, and deliver hearing healthcare services through state and federal healthcare programs.

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