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Ensure the Safety of Consumers in KY by Requiring all Practitioners to Have the Same License

Dear [Decision Maker],

I work with seniors and other hearing impaired individuals in Kentucky everyday helping them hear better with hearing aids.

I am writing to express my opposition to HB 217, An Act Relating to Licensed Audiologists. If enacted, audiologists would no longer need a hearing instrument specialist license to fit and sell hearing aids. Our current hearing instrument specialist license law, KRS 334, includes important consumer protection measures, such as the "right to cancel" and disciplinary sanctions. Audiologists would no longer be under the purview of this license law. This legislation would strip away consumer protection laws for any person purchasing a hearing aid from an audiologist. Clearly, HB 217 is bad for Kentucky senior citizens and others needing hearing aids.

Thank you for your consideration.

I urge you to oppose HB 217.

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