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SC: Support Legislation to Modernize Licensing Law

A bill was introduced in the South Carolina Legislature, H 4130, that would update and modernize the Hearing Aid Specialists licensure law. Currently, the law mandates that individuals taking the exam can only pay $50, however the actual cost of the exam is $225. The law urgently needs to be updated.

Please send the below email which urges your legislator to support the billl. To do so, complete the required information below and click "Send Message."

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Dear [Decision Maker],

H. 4130 would provide a cost-savings to South Carolina by eliminating the need for the state to subsidize the cost of the examination for hearing aid specialists candidates. I urge you to support the bill.

Currently, the outdated Hearing Aid Specialists licensure law only permits individuals who take the licensing exam to pay $50 for the exam, however the actual cost of the exam is $225. To allow candidates to continue to take the exam, the state of South Carolina is subsidizing those taking the exam. This bill updates the exam fee amount and eliminates the $50 cap.

I encourage the legislature to act on this legislation as soon as possible. Having to subsidize the exam fee is costing the state thousands of dollars. In addition, I am concerned about a back-log of hearing aid specialists who will be unable to take the exam and subsequently will be delayed entering the South Carolina workforce.

Thank you for considering my views and supporting H 4130.

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