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FL: Oppose Senate Bill, Bypassing Hearing Tests and Mail Order Sales


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Oppose Senate Bill 700 Sections 12-15, which would harm seniors and businesses

Dear Senator [Decision Maker],

I am writing to urge you to oppose or amend Senate Bill 700 (Sections 12-15), a telehealth bill that includes problematic provisions permitting the online sales of hearing aids and the removal of essential hearing testing protocols before any hearing aid is purchased.

This provision in the bill would remove the long standing restriction on mail order sales of hearing aids, which would sacrifice patient safety and risk financial harm to consumers. The provision would also allow patients to purchase hearing aids from any licensee without first being tested for hearing loss, which contradicts best practices in the U.S. and Internationally, and would cause negative health outcomes.

There are nearly 3000 licensed hearing aid specialists, audiologists, and otolaryngologists in Florida. Enabling mail order sales would harm Florida businesses and these providers, who provide the full array of services to Floridians, while direct mail competitors will undercut pricing by bypassing best practice protocols and eliminating in-person testing and support services.

Licensed providers in other parts of the country routinely have consumers come into their offices seeking help with hearing aids purchased online that are not right for them. This results in financial loss, because often the purchase of professionally fit hearing aids is necessitated.

To protect Florida consumers and businesses, I urge you to amend Senate Bill 700 to strike Sections 12-15, the hearing aid provisions.

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