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PROVIDERS: Urge Addition of Hearing Aid Specialists for Medicare Hearing Aids

Take action now! Complete the below contact information form using your HOME address, and if desired, include a personalized message in the editable section of the message that will be delivered to your Senators and U.S. Representative.  Your personalized comments should be focused on the possible consequences on patients and your community if hearing aids were covered by Medicare Part B but hearing aid specialists were not included as providers.

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Ensure Access for Medicare Hearing Aid Coverage

Dear [Decision Maker],

If Medicare is expanded to include hearing aids, meaningful coverage can only be achieved if all points of access are available to Medicare beneficiaries, including hearing aid specialists.

Hearing aids and related exams have been excluded from Medicare since its inception, and only for that reason have hearing aid specialists not been added as Medicare providers up until this point. Now is the time to add hearing aid specialists, who provide half of all hearing aids to the general public, including the elderly population, serving as trusted and qualified points of entry into the hearing healthcare system.

Hearing aid specialists are more accessible in rural areas where a disproportionate number of older Americans reside, provide high-quality care, and participate with federal and state programs, and insurance plans.

If hearing aid specialists are not added as Medicare providers of hearing aids and related services, America's Medicare-eligible population will be faced with long wait times for appointments, traveling long distances to attain care, and may opt to go without, thereby sacrificing their quality of life, safety, and other health outcomes.

As your constituent, I ask that you please ensure that hearing aid specialists are added as Medicare providers for hearing aids and related services, including as a direct point of entry, as the budget reconciliation bill comes before you for consideration.

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