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Support the Cancer Drug Parity Act

Dear [Decision Maker],

As a member of the International Myeloma Foundation and constituent, I am respectfully writing to request your support for the Cancer Drug Parity Act, H.R. 1409, to ensure that every cancer patient has access to the anti-cancer treatments recommended by their health care provider.

As you know, cancer treatment can be a trying time for patients and their families. Traditionally, intravenous (IV) and injected treatments were the primary methods of chemotherapy delivery, which are covered under a health plan's medical benefit where the patient is traditionally only required to pay a small office visit co-pay.

Today, oral anti-cancer medication has become more prevalent and is the standard of care for many types of cancer. Oral anti-cancer medication also accounts for approximately 35% of the oncology development pipeline. More importantly, many oral anti-cancer medications do not have IV or injected alternatives and are the only option for some cancer patients. As these medications become more prevalent in cancer treatment, they must be as affordable as their IV counterparts.

H.R. 1409 ensures fairness in cost-sharing for all anti-cancer regimens. Health insurance cost-sharing schemes should not create barriers to cancer patients' ability to access potentially life-saving medicines.

For more information on the H.R. 1409 and The Coalition to Improve Access to Cancer Care visit Thank you in advance for your consideration of this important legislation.

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