NC- We need your help! Move the Cancer Treatment Fairness Act (HB206)

Your Senator is one of a few in the position to finally make cancer care fair. We need your help and we need it TODAY

The North Carolina Cancer Treatment Fairness Act would update insurance laws so that a patient’s costs would be similar regardless of how their cancer treatment is administered.  Although this seems perfectly rational, our state senate has not moved this issue forward. Time is running out. 

When families are battling cancer, they shouldn’t have to choose between saving the life of a loved one or depleting their life savings. Even with adequate insurance, too many patients are facing an unfair financial burden when their life-saving cancer treatment – often the ONLY treatment option their doctor recommends – comes in pill form instead of IV.  



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Cancer Patients' lives are at stake We Need Your Help

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am a constituent, and I'm writing because the lives of thousands of cancer patients in our state are in your hands. Please urge Senator Berger to move the Cancer Treatment Fairness Act (HB206) forward in January so that the out-of-pocket costs for oral and infusion chemotherapy are treated the same.

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During the five years this bill has stalled in the Senate, insured cancer patients and their families are being forced every day to choose between paying bills and getting the life-saving treatment they deserve, simply because their plans haven't kept up with advances in cancer treatment. These families can't afford to wait any longer. Please help move this bill for a vote and support the families counting on you.

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