Paws 4 Pets Walk 2020

ADP-Automatic Data Processing

Join us for the Annual Paws 4 Pets Walk for Inland Valley's Humane Society & SPCA.  They have been working to find companions for life for the abandoned & homeless animals in our community.

In support of IVHS & SPCA's efforts, ADP's Business Resource Group (BRG) -- Elevate, have created this page to honor the Year of the Rat.

If you support making a difference, please donate to the Paws 4 Pets Walk and or join us on Saturday, May 16th @ 7:30am. 

Make a donation today, no matter how small, and help us reach our goal.

Thank you in advance for your support -- Elevate BRG

Team Site:

Remember ADP Associates you can double your impact through a matching gift from ADP Foundation.  After donating you will receive a receipt via email save it as a PDF.  It is just a few quick clicks to request a matching donation.

  1. ​Log into mygiving at
  2. Scroll down to the right side of the page to: "Donated to a cause elsewhere?"
  3. Click:  Request a Match Now
  4. Find An Eligible Cause search box & enter:  Humane Society of Pomona Valley Inc.
  5. Complete all required fields  (Note:  Donation amount is the "Tax Deductible Value")
  6. Upload the receipt (save it in PDF)
  7. In the Comments for Charity box please add:  Team ADP - Paws 4 Pets Walk
  8. Select Next to confirm the match request
  9. Once confirmed all is good click on "Submit Match Request"

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