IWK Care Catalogue

Symbolic Giving Catalogue

Give gifts that keep giving

Gifts purchased through the IWK Care Catalogue are a meaningful and thoughtful way to celebrate with friends, family and loved ones while supporting the Maritime women, children and youth who are patients at the IWK.

While the government funds the day-to-day operations costs of the IWK, the IWK Foundation relies on donations to purchase specialized equipment and fund research, programs, advanced technology and new facilities. When you purchase a gift from the IWK Care Catalogue, you supply funding to our area of greatest need. This provides us with the flexibility to ensure that the highest priority care needs of the IWK Health Centre are met. Through your support, we are able to ensure that our women, children and youth continue to receive the best care possible, right here at home.

Gifts made through the IWK Care Catalogue are donations that support of the IWK Health Centre. The values, services, equipment and programs described in this catalogue are representations of programs, facilities and items supported by funding to the Area of Greatest Need.

Image of Bruce Automotive Group Staff

“We have seen first-hand how many people rely on the IWK each year, IWK patients and families are our employees, our customers and our neighbors. This year has been incredibly difficult for so many and we know that the women, children and youth of the IWK still need us all; that’s why we decided to support the IWK Care Catalogue this holiday season. We hope you join the Bruce Automotive Family in supporting the families of the IWK this holiday season, and all year long.”

Bruce Automotive Group