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We are excited to continue sponsorship opportunities for the Israel Ride in 2019


We are grateful to our sponsors from 2018 who raised over $8500 in sponsorships! You too can become a sponsor for the Israel Ride. 

Wish you could join the Israel Ride this year but can't? Want to dedicate a portion of the Israel Ride in memory of a loved one, in honor of a birthday, or perhaps in celebration of an achievement? The Israel Ride is offering several sponsorship opportunities for donors, alumni, supporters, friends and of course, registered Riders*.

Recognition for sponsorships will appear both prominently on our website and on the Israel Ride itself. Sponsorships go exclusively toward producing the Israel Ride and thus increasing the impact of every dollar fundraised by Riders.

*Note: for registered Riders, these sponsorships cannot count toward your fundraising minimums but can count towards incentive levels once you've reached your minimum.

There are two types of sponsorship options:

  • Adopt-a-Hill: The hill is our friend! Sponsor $1 for every foot our Riders climb or descend.
  • Ride Programs and Expenses: Help cover the costs of these impactful Israel Ride experiences.
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No limit on donors

No limit on donors

Snacks and beer when Riders arrive at Kibbutz Ketura cost $600. We are looking for three more sponsors at $100 each.

The BBQ dinner at Kibbutz Ketura costs us $1200. We are looking for two more sponsors at $400 each.

Food, drinks, and supplies at the beach party in Eilat cost $750. We are looking for four more sponsors at $150 each.

Getting local and organic foods plus composting waste costs $1100.
We are looking for five sponsors at $220 each to help us cover these costs.

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