2019 Teva Application


Welcome to the Teva application process! Before you complete the application, please make sure you have read all of the job information on our website.

We suggest that you answer the questions in a separate document and then cut and paste your answers into the fields below. You cannot save answers on this page.

Questions along the way? Please email teva@hazon.org.

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1. Contact Information
















Date of Birth:



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Question - Required - Which type of activities would you be comfortable leading? (Choose all that apply.)

Question - Required - Do you play an instrument?



Additional Documents


Submit the following two items by going to http://dbinbox.com/tevaeducator and uploading the requested files. Files may be in image format, Word, or PDF. Please label each file with your full name -- for example, if your name were Turkey Vulture, your files should be labeled  "Turkey Vulture picture" and "Turkey Vulture resume." Check the box below each question to confirm that you have submitted the file.

Question - Required - Please draw a picture that reflects your personal or professional goals for working at Teva.

Question - Required - Please submit a current resume.


Employment History and References


Question - Required - We welcome visits to our home in Falls Village, CT for an in-person meeting, but we can also accommodate interviews by phone or Google Hangouts. Please indicate your availability for an interview from the selections below (check as many as apply).

Question - Required - Have you ever been convicted of any form of child abuse, or of any behavior that might be considered inappropriate for someone who will be working with children?

Question - Required - I have First Aid and CPR certification that is valid through December 2019, OR I will be able to receive such certification BEFORE arriving at Teva (required).

Question - Required - I give consent for Teva to obtain references and a criminal background check on me (we cannot hire you without this consent).

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