Learn more below, or if you are ready to rock and roll for our Jawonio infants and toddlers, click on your favorite team on the left where it says, “LIST OF TEAMS”

What is the Jawonio Hometown Heroes Challenge?

Glad you asked. The Jawonio 2nd Annual HTH Challenge is an online high school vs. high school team competition to raise funds for Jawonio. Jawonio provides services to children, adults and their families with disabilities, mental health challenges and chronic medical conditions. The high school that raises the most money, wins. Most importantly, JAWONIO WINS.

This year, the Hometown Heroes Challenge is raising funds for their Early Intervention Program for infants and toddlers with Special Needs.

Where do I sign up or make a donation?

Glad you asked. You can sign up right now on this screen. Just look to your left where it says, “list of teams” – click on your favorite high school and join in the fun. You can register and be on the team, or just make a donation.  We would love you to share on your social media too!! Anyone can join including, alumni, families, students, staff—anyone and everyone can support our babies and toddlers with special needs as a Hometown Hero.

When I join the team do I have to raise a certain amount?

That’s another great question. The short answer is no, however, we ask each team member to try and raise $100
We ask the team captains to set a team goal of $2500 for the month- it is a goal!!!  Our goal for the entire event is to raise $50,000 through sharing the team links via social media and emails.

If I need help, will there be support for me and my team?

Wow, that’s a great question with a short answer too!! Our Jawonio Foundation Staff and your Captains will help you every step of the way. We will help you register, and share all materials on line, or if you need flyers or in person letters and information we have too. We are always available for you during the contest through the end of the month.

And That’s It?

Yup, that’s it! CLICK ON YOUR TEAM ON THIS PAGE - Register as a participant or make a donation right now and share the team link everywhere.

For additional info: Please contact or call 845.521.5352. Thank you, thank you thank you. We are grateful for any way you would like to be a hero for our kids!  

May the best High School Team win!!

Oh, and one more thing….Where do I find out more information about Jawonio?

Easy, enjoy this video about us - Please watch here