Jewish Federation & Foundation of Rockland County

Midreshet Rockland Fall 2017 Session

Sponsored by the Jewish Federation & Foundation of Rockland County Adult Education Center

NOTE: Some Classes begin on Wednesday, 9/6&9/7. All others begin on 9/27 & 10/19.

DISCOUNTS: If you register for two or more classes, a $50 discount will be applied. 

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This discussion-oriented class will be one in which everyone is encouraged to laugh a little and learn a lot, while broadening their exposure to the diversity of people, places and experiences which make up our Jewish heritage. Instructor: Rabbi Daniel Pernick - 11:00 am -12:15 pm - Wednesdays starting 9/27
This 10-week series will examine the Jewish world of the Second Temple period and how it led to the development of the Talmud(s). Instructor: Sharon Halper - 12:30 -1:45 pm - Thursdays starting 10/19
Join Carol as well as scheduled speakers for news, culture, events and, of course, politics. Instructor: Carol H. King, LCSW - 12:30 1:45 pm - Wednesdays starting 9/27
Explore Jewish communities in remote corners of the world. Learn about the history and customs of some of the lesser-known Jewish communities in Cochin, Syria, Belgrade, Yugoslavia and Iran. Instructor: Leslie Goldress - 9.30-10.45 am - Thursdays starting 9/14
We will learn from the religious, political, philosophic and other revolutions in thought that led to Jewish survival. Instructor: Dr. Martin O. Cohen - 9:30-10:45 am - Wednesdays starting 9/27
In this class, we will study in detail the stories of women in the Bible, to learn how they navigated their lives within a patriarchal society, and what lessons we can learn from them today. Instructor: Rabbi Jill Hackell - 11.00 am-12.15 pm - Thursdays starting 10/19