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1357 - Reaching the American Jew PKG 2

 1357 - Reaching the American Jew pkg # 2

How to Share Yeshua

 Have you ever wanted to know how to share the Gospel of Jesus with your Jewish friend or doctor or neighbor? When you read this book, you will discover the steps you can take to witness the joy of Jesus [Yeshua]  and His gift of grace with the people of His birth. You too can be prepared to give a reason for your faith to the Jewish People in your life. 


A Rabbi Looks at Jesus of Nazareth

Jews don’t—and can’t—believe in Jesus!

Oh, yes we can!  With warmth and transparency, Jewish Voice’s own Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Bernis shares a compelling case—with overwhelming evidence that can be traced to the Torah itself—for Jesus as Messiah. And then he provides Christians with the knowledge and tools they need to effectively share Yeshua with their Jewish family and friends in a loving and sensitive way.


Ten Biggest Lies about Jesus and His Jewishness

This DVD will enrich your life with a teaching that will reveal new truths about Jesus.

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