Purina is Paving the Way to a Healthier Future for Dogs!

The Purina Event Center at Purina Farms opened in August 2010.  Our wonderful friends at the Nestlé Purina PetCare Company are offering a unique way for you to support the Canine Health Foundation. Honor any titled dog by purchasing an engraved brick paver for the Walk of Champions leading up to the Event Center entrance.  Honor any other pet, person, kennel or any national or local breed club by purchasing an engraved brick paver for the Path of Honor. Each brick costs $100, and $70 from each brick is a tax-deductible donation to support canine health.

Note: Bricks are engraved approximately three times per year around the months of April, July and September.  Due to weather concerns, bricks are not engraved during the winter months.  Please take note of this schedule before you look for your brick at the Event Center.  You may call the Foundation at 1-888-682-9696 with questions about whether your brick engraving is complete.

Address to Purina Farms: 200 Checkerboard Drive, Gray Summit, MO  63039

Purina Event Center

The Purina Event Center at Purina Farms
Visit the Purina Event Center Page


Purina Walk of Champions

Walk of Champions location outside the main entrance of the Purina Event Center


Order your brick paver today!

Step 1: Choose a titled dog to honor in the Walk of Champions OR choose another pet, person, kennel or club to honor in the Path of Honor.

Step 2: Decide how you would like your brick engraved.  Your engraving can be three lines of thirteen characters each including spaces - no exceptions.

Purina Walk of Champions Example Brick

Step 3: Order your brick by clicking on the web or mail order forms below.

Click here to order a brick as a gift for someone else.

Click here to order your Walk of Champions engraved brick paver.

Click here to order your Path of Honor engraved brick paver.

Click here for a printable form to order any paver by mail.

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