RAID: Stop police brutality and misconduct toward LGBT people

Raid iconThe Stonewall raid and riots started our movement.

41 years later, illegal raids and arrests of LGBT people continue.

In September 2009, the Atlanta Police Department sent dozens of officers to the Atlanta Eagle bar dressed in SWAT team gear. During the raid, patrons of the bar were called antigay slurs and were forced to lie in spilled beer and broken glass. No patrons were charged with any crime. Lambda Legal and cocounsel filed a lawsuit.

Could your next night out end like this?

Sign the Petition

We the undersigned,

Call on U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to continue to uphold the mission of the Department of Justice to “ensure fair and impartial administration of justice for all Americans” by taking steps to further hold local law enforcement agencies accountable for ending police misconduct toward the LGBT community. We ask the Department of Justice to continue building partnerships with the LGBT community to ensure that:

  • strong systems are in place within local police departments to investigate reports of police misconduct against LGBT people, and
  • police departments institute meaningful community involvement that includes the LGBT community in police accountability procedures.

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