Living Beyond Breast Cancer Reach & Raise


Fundraising often takes creativity and persistence, but it’s vitally important to our mission and you can do it. Know that your effort will make a big difference! There’s no fundraising requirement for Reach & Raise, but we encourage individuals to raise $200 or more and Teams are encouraged to sign-up for our 20th Anniversary Team Challenge - challenge your team to raise $5,000 and you and your team will be entered to win a special surprise.

Here are some tips to get you started:

Inspire action
Get your fundraising off to a good start by showing your personal commitment to the cause and make the first donation. This will likely inspire others to get involved.

Tell your story
What matters to you, matters to your friends and family. The most important thing you can add to your fundraising request is your reason for why you are supporting Living BeyondBreast Cancer. Personalize the sample email found in your fundraising page to get started.

Reach out to your contacts
Send personal messages to your inner circle to build up momentum. Then use your personalized story and send to all of your contacts. You never know who in your network has been impacted by breast cancer.

Harness your inner influencer
Once you’ve sent your first batch of emails out, it’s time to turn to social media. Thank your donors by tagging them in posts, share your posts to your stories, and get your friends to interact with your posts! This will boost your fundraiser’s visibility and spread your message further. Don’t forget to use our hashtag! #reachandraise

Consistency is key
We receive many messages each day; it’s hard to keep track of what’s important. Be sure to follow up with anyone who hasn’t responded to your email or reach out to that friend who simply liked your social media post but didn’t donate. Chances are they intended on getting around to it.

Host a benefit class
Ask your favorite teacher or studio to host a class to fundraise.

Keep your momentum going
As more of your network gets behind you, keep thanking them and making them feel appreciated and make sure you continue to share your progress towards your goal.


Spice Butterfly_Transparent Background (1).pngResources
Visit our Resources page for more information on building a successful fundraiser and get tips for social media, how to use the tutorial and more.
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