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Tell Your Senator: Don't let the Oil and Gas industry pollute our lands!

Methane is a highly potent climate pollutant and contributes to higher levels of smog that has been linked to asthma attacks. The Congressional Republican leadership and their Big Oil allies are using an extreme tool, the Congressional Review Act, to permanently gut regulations that will reduce methane pollution from the oil and gas industry in the future.

Don’t let Big Polluters get away with damaging our climate, health, and public lands by dumping unlimited methane pollution into our air. Tell your Senator to oppose this extreme attack today!

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VOTE NO on H.J. Res. 36, the Congressional Review Act of the BLM's Methane Rule

Dear Senator,

I am writing to ask you to oppose H.J. Res. 36, the Congressional Review Act (CRA) "Resolution of Disapproval" of the Bureau of Land Management's Methane and Waste Prevention Rule.

Methane pollution from the oil and gas industry on our public and tribal lands contributes to our changing climate and is accompanied by other toxic air pollutants that contribute to smog and worsen asthma attacks for our children. Additionally, methane that is leaked, vented, and flared from our public lands wastes a valuable resource that could be heating our homes. The BLM's commonsense rule would reduce this dangerous methane pollution while also ensuring taxpayers receive a fair return on their resources, providing much-needed revenue to federal, local, and tribal governments.

The CRA is an extreme legislative tool that not only vacates the current rule but would prevent the agency from ever issuing a rule to address methane pollution in the future. This would disregard the rule-making process, cutting out all the stakeholders who voiced their opinions on the rule and leave the future of our public lands, climate, and health in jeopardy.

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