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Tell your senators: Don't let Big Oil's cronies keep a clean air champion out of the EPA

Yesterday, Senate Republicans on the Environment and Public Works Committee put corporate polluters ahead of kids' health by boycotting the nomination hearing of Gina McCarthy to head the EPA. This boycott was completely irresponsible and unacceptable. We need Gina McCarthy at the helm of the EPA, and any further delay will only endanger the health of our children and families even more.

Now more than ever your senators need to hear your support for a quick confirmation for Gina McCarthy. Please out your information here to send a message to your senators today.

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Dear Senator,

I am absolutely outraged to hear that a group of senators has been holding up the confirmation of Gina McCarthy as EPA Administrator by boycotting the Environment and Public Works committee hearing.

I hope you will work with your colleagues to confirm Gina McCarthy soon so that she can get to work keeping our air and water clean, protecting our families against toxic chemicals, and combating climate change.

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