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Tell the General Assembly to Protect Clean Energy in North Carolina!

North Carolina has been a leader in clean energy ever since we passed a Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard (REPS) in 2007. The REPS has spurred investments in clean energy projects that have led to 21,000 new jobs, $1.7 billion in revenue, and helped protect North Carolina’s environment.

Now, the North Carolina General Assembly wants to put an end to clean energy. House Bill 298, misnamed the Affordable and Reliable Energy Act, would dismantle REPS, the standard that has made our state a national leader in renewable energy development. If it passes, H298 would destroy the state’s reputation for clean energy, stifle job creation, and scare off investment.

Please fill in your information below to tell your state legislators to vote NO on this anti-environmental bill and protect clean energy in North Carolina.

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Protect clean energy in North Carolina: Vote NO on House Bill 298

Dear North Carolina General Assembly,

As your constituent, I urge you to protect clean energy in North Carolina by rejecting House Bill 298.

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