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Tell the General Assembly to Clean Up Jordan Lake!

Jordan Lake provides drinking water for 300,000 North Carolinians and is enjoyed by many for boating, fishing, and swimming. Unfortunately, nitrogen and phosphorous pollution from upstream threatens the safety of its water.

In 2009, the North Carolina Senate set up a system of rules to prevent this dangerous pollution from flowing into Jordan Lake, but three years later nothing has been done because the General Assembly has repeatedly dragged their feet on the implementation. And now the North Carolina Senate is trying to pass a bill that would repeal the 2009 rules and further delay the cleanup of the lake.

We have to act quickly if we’re going to protect Jordan Lake and the water that so many depend on. Please fill in your information below to send a message to your state legislators to make sure they clean up Jordan Lake now.

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Clean Up Jordan Lake Now

Dear North Carolina General Assembly,

It is long past time to clean up Jordan Lake. As your constituents, we call on you to immediately implement the 2009 Jordan Lake rules that will vastly improve water quality, protect public health, and benefit the economy.

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