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Tell Governor Malloy: Invest in our public transit system!

The recent electrical failure in New York has crippled Metro-North’s New Haven Line part of the busiest commuter rail corridor in the nation. Calling the failure a “catastrophic event,” Governor Malloy wants upgrades to the Metro-North rail line so that it is never again reliant on just one power line.

But the stop-gap measures implemented thus far have accommodated little more than half of the usual number of rail commuters, forcing many more people onto our already congested highways. With more frustrated drivers stuck in traffic each day, we anticipate calls for highway expansion more lanes, double-decker interstates.

That’s why our state partner, the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters (CTLCV), is working to urge Governor Malloy to invest more resources into Connecticut’s public transit systems.


Invest in our public transit system!

Dear Governor Malloy,

The recent power failure on the Metro-North rail line has been more than just an inconvenience for thousands of commuters. The loss of commuter rail capacity has dealt a significant blow to Connecticut's businesses and commerce, and thousands of additional cars on the road has increased traffic congestion and negatively affected air quality.

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