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Set the Record Straight: Tell Fox News to Stop Attacking the EPA!

According to Media Matters for America, Fox News is not only celebrating the government shutdown, but also implying that we should get rid of most EPA workers even after the government reopens.

The attacks they have made on the EPA and misinformation they are spreading about these workers is completely out of line. And since more than a million viewers tune into Fox News every day, they influence a lot of people. So when they mislead the public on something this important, we have to call them out.

If we can get 50,000 people to show their support for the EPA and call out Fox News, we’ll be able to generate real stories in the media that will set the record straight. Please help us get there by adding your name here:


Tell the Truth About the EPA's Important Work

Dear Fox News President Roger Ailes,

I was appalled to hear that Fox News reporters have been celebrating the shutdown of the government and proposing that thousands of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) employees shouldn't come back to work when the shutdown ends.

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