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TSCA, our nation’s primary chemical safety law is broken, failing to regulate what goes into our everyday products like household cleaners, baby products, even furniture. Yet they are often filled with toxic chemicals, such as flame retardants, phthalates, and BPA, which are increasingly linked to rising instances of childhood cancers, infertility, obesity, asthma, neurological diseases, and learning disabilities.

The Senate has a historic opportunity to fix our broken chemical regulatory system: the Chemical Safety Improvement Act has gained bipartisan support and would start the process of ridding our products of dangerous chemicals. However, the bill is deeply flawed—it fails to adequately protect vulnerable populations, like pregnant women and children, and lacks strict deadlines while blocking the states from taking action to protect their own citizens. We need the Senate to fix this bill and pass a strong chemical law that protects our health and the environment from toxic chemicals.


Strengthen the Chemical Safety Improvement Act!

Dear Senator,

Our nation's chemical law is badly broken, exposing American families to toxic chemicals in many of the products we use every day. I urge you to work to fix the Chemical Safety Improvement Act and finally protect our health from dangerous chemicals.

Decades worth of science links serious health problems to exposure to toxic chemicals, many of which are used in our everyday consumer products, places of work, schools, and homes. Although rates of asthma, childhood cancer, infertility, obesity, and learning disorders continue to increase, our chemical regulatory system fails to keep dangerous chemicals out of our products or remove them once their hazard is known. Data from the Centers for Disease Control show that exposure to toxic chemicals can begin in the womb, meaning our children are born already contaminated with toxic chemicals that can cause health problems for the rest of their lives. This is unacceptable.

The Chemical Safety Improvement Act offers a bipartisan path forward to finally fixing our broken chemical law, however, the bill has deep flaws that must be fixed. We need a system that specifically protects pregnant women, children, and those more vulnerable based on where they live or what work they do; takes immediate action on chemicals we already know are toxic; establishes strict deadlines; requires companies to provide sufficient health and safety data; and allows states to continue to take actions to protect their citizens.

Congress has an obligation to fix our broken law and create a system that will protect our health and our environment from harmful toxic chemicals.

We call on Congress to make the right choice for America's families. Strengthen the Chemical Safety Improvement Act and finally rid our products of dangerous chemicals.

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