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Tell Representative Steve King to Go Back to School

While 97% of all climate scientists agree that man-made greenhouse gas emissions are causing rising global temperatures, what does Rep. Steve King say? “There are a couple of German engineers that took that theory apart and proved it wrong in a lab. I've read through that, but I'd have to go back to school for a half a year or a year to tell you I followed every bit of their rationale. But the presumption of the Greenhouse Effect is at least, from what I saw, was pretty convincingly rebutted.”

We think Representative King should go back to school to learn the real facts about climate change. As any Environmental Studies 101 student can tell you, man-made global warming is real and we have to act now if we want to avoid disastrous consequences.

If you want to tell Representative King to go back to school and learn to accept the reality of climate change, sign our petition now!

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Global warming is real

Dear Rep. Steve King,

I agree with only one part of your statement about climate change you should go back to school to learn about climate change. Man-made global warming is real, and it's time to stop denying it.

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