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Tell Rep. Pittenger: Stop Denying the Science of Climate Change

NASA and 97 percent of scientists agree: climate change is real, and it’s caused by human activity—largely carbon pollution from burning fossil fuels. Yet Rep. Pittenger doesn’t respect the science of climate change not exactly shocking since his political career has been bankrolled by Big Oil.

Climate change is already having major impacts in North Carolina. We won’t be able to solve this problem until our elected officials stop ignoring widely accepted science. Add your name below to tell Representative Pittenger to stop denying the science of climate change.

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Stop denying the science of climate change

Dear Representative Pittenger,

As a constituent, I urge you to protect our way of life and our children's future by taking action on climate change. NASA and 97 percent of climate scientists agree: Climate change is real, and it's caused by human activity--so it's time for you to stop denying it and act.

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