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FINAL COMMENT PERIOD ON KEYSTONE XL: Tell Secretary Kerry to reject this dirty tar sands pipeline now!

The State Department has released its final environmental review of the dangerous Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. Now it’s time for Secretary of State John Kerry to tell President Obama whether he thinks it is “in our national interest” to approve this dirty and dangerous pipeline. And what he says could be one of the biggest determining factors in President Obama’s decision.

Send Secretary Kerry a message urging him to get the facts right about the environmental dangers of Keystone XL and say NO to this dirty pipeline now.

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Keystone XL is not in our national interest (Docket ID: DOS-2014-0003)

Dear Secretary John Kerry,

As someone concerned with climate change, I want to thank you for your years of climate leadership as a Senator. As Secretary of State, you have the opportunity to have an even greater impact on combating climate change. One of the main ways you can do that now is by telling President Obama that the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline is not in our national interest and should be rejected.

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